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Wide and Large Format Printing

Whether you’re looking for a new trade show display or custom vinyl lettering for your home, we can print it. Our wide-format printer makes your printing project possible, as it can print on anything from glass to foam boards and outdoor banners. Just some of the projects our printer can print include:

Print Your Project With UV-Based Ink

Something unique about our machine is that it uses UV-based ink to print your project. The ink is dried using ultraviolet (UV) light, which allows it to harden instantly instead of soaking into the material, giving you the freedom to create high quality prints for a wide variety of projects. Some advantages of our printer include:

  • The ink dries instantly. Once it’s cured with UV light, it won’t smear making your printed materials that much more durable.
  • The print won’t fade. Unlike traditional ink, the ink doesn’t have to soak into the material, but instead hardens on top. This means the ink is less likely to lose its color, won’t fade, and makes it much easier to match the color of your project without worrying about fading or decreased print quality.
  • It creates a gorgeous finish. The unique nature of UV-based inks create a glossy finish that adds a professional touch to your final project.
  • It can print on almost any material. Our printer can print on almost any flat surface that’s under 2 inches thick and 64 inches wide. This includes but isn’t limited to mesh materials, vinyl, magnets, dry erase boards, canvas, and reflective materials. This better allows us to help you with your unique project, no matter what you have in mind.

Give Us a Call for a Free Quote

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Need a large print for your upcoming event, tradeshow booth, or something else? You can see everything we have to offer in our product catalog or send the details of your project to us, and we’ll provide you with a free quote. When you work with Presto Print, you can expect high quality prints and a fast turnaround time. Get started on your printing project today!

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